If you are tired of all of the noise around you, here's what you can do: download the free PDF guide to reducing noise and understanding its impacts on your prayer life.  The "5 Ways that Noise Can Wreak Havok on Your Prayer Life" is a quick read and an easy way to reduce the noise in your own life.

Ready to Reduce the Noise Around You?

Download the FREE PDF, "5 Ways That Noise Wreaks Havok on Your Prayer Life."

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"Mike St. Pierre not only writes and blogs about effective and pro-active leadership...he embodies it. His insights into leadership are a must read for those who wish to improve themselves and help others be all they are called to be."   -Allan Wright, Author of Jesus the Evangelist


"Mike St. Pierre is a man of wisdom. You will learn so much from him! His site is a great resource for anyone seeking a leadership position." -Tara Rodden Robinson, The Productivity Maven


"Mike St. Pierre is a dynamic leader and an inspiration to other leaders across the country. With vision and clarity, he is able to guide aspiring leaders to efficiently live their full potential with practical tools and resources for experienced veterans or novice administrators.  -Jared Dees, www.TheReligionTeacher.com


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Mike's blog has been listed as one of the top 100 productivity blogs for 2017.  You can see the other 99 here.